Beer, Beef and Nipples

It was St. Patty's and the night started off pretty well with MSU doing well against the #1 seeded NC (until the last 5 minutes when they basically fell apart). Combine this with corned beef cabbage and booze and you have great beginnings.

After finally winning in cribbage it was on to dominance in beer pong. I had never played this yet somehow managed to destroy the other team in the first game. In the second I was not able to make the clutch shots but it was a valiant effort.

It was on to an English bar for an Irish night which I think I would have protested more vehemently had I realized it at the time.

For much talking, drinking, and mugging for photos.

Apparently at some point the rain followed us in prompting the unfurling of the umbrella at the table which started a great chain reaction of beer glasses falling all over.

There also was a couple of random nipple sightings. Mine, of course, showed itself

But we also got to see Ming's

Then the night was over and I had to show my unhappy face

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