Conspicuous Consumerism

As much as I rail against it at times, there are times when needless consumerism is a source of the utmost joy. Such a case is my new AWESOME sneakers . Now I understand why people get shot over scuffed sneakers. I was actually going to post a picture of myself rocking them but such a site would cause the end of the internet as we know it. Everyone would be trying to reach Blogger to see the AWESOMENESS for themselves and that would eventually go down. All of the people who had managed to save the picture would post it only to quickly cause the demise of the internet. Finally it might spill over into the real world with people breaking into one another's houses to steal computers containing the photos or even the print versions people made. Madness all around.

I also purchased a couple of CD's that I am loving. The new Epoxies EP which I am listening to as we speak. As good as their previous work with a slightly more space age feel (if that is possible) and snottier lyrics. The new M.I.A. (the real one, not this one). If anything it is more experimental than her first album while managing to maintain an amazing energy throughout. My favorite song is still birdflu for its crazy use of sounds to make rhythm. The last album of note is the old new Justice album. I think everyone knows them for D.A.N.C.E. which is a great song but the rest of the album has been pretty spectacular. Some of the songs sound like they are the logical French progression of Air or Daft Punk (which is not a bad thing in my mind). The best songs though are those that sound like they spent two years hanging out with Merzbow learning the finer points of Japanese noise and Mr. Oizo learning the finer points of moving that ass. Check out Waters of Nazereth or at least a mix that is mostly it with some more Ed Banger bananas shit for the best example of what I am talking about.

Consumerism == bad
Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good


The Continued Descent

Recently I convinced Yachi to purchase the following fabric softener. My arrival in hippie hell is all but assured. Pretty soon I am going to start going by a noun instead of a name and wearing overalls. I already am kind of opposed to showering so I imagine that will continue to get worse. Hang out with me now before the transformation is complete.

On a completely unrelated note I finished a book called Perfume Dreams today. You can either read it here or borrow it from me (or maybe the library, I heard they were in to this loaning thing as well). It is non-fiction and great. It is a collection of essays about identity and culture that is much better than that description. You should read it.

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So You Want A WeddingPlanner?

My schedule might be open. All I ask for is some Morcheeba and Steinlager.

Tonight I decided to get even more in touch with my crafty side (I think I might have to cut off all contact with women besides Divya as they are pushing this craftiness). I made the seating chart for the wedding. By my lonesome. By first copying everyones name to a word document and sizing them to be small notecards. By then cutting all said notecards out of the paper with scissors. By making piles of notecards into appropriate dining groups:

By organizing groups into small model sized tables with the help of my trusty lion cat:

By realizing I had not included Yachi and myself who are now at a table of our own :(:

All while Yachi caught up on some much deserved rest:

Even if you blow up the picture to see who you are sitting with chances are it has changed as I had to redo it all once I realized Yachi and I were sitting dolo.

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Little Victories

I know that no one else wants to hear this but it is something easy to write about as it has been 8 days since I have posted.

I finally feel like I played decent basketball yesterday night. After an initial loss the team I was playing with managed to pull off a couple wins. It was fun playing hard and actually winning.

I also realized how much more I would like being close to where I work. My commute is not that bad in comparison to some people but I would love to cut it down. I think I might end up looking for a job a little closer to home.

Alright awful post out of the way. tomorrow will be better.


Jog On Marques

Marques is always complaining about graffiti and how it destroys environments.

I found this near Jack In The Box and am pretty fascinated with it. I like the stache; it is a great touch.


No More Loud Nights At The Bars

Nobody wants to have to be quiet when drinking. Follow the info below to contact the city council and make your voice heard.


Action Alert!

Council to vote on nightlife rules on Monday, August 13th
Mayor's license proposal still alive

Voice your opinion to the City Council!

Last Thursday, the City Council's Neighborhoods and Economic Development committee passed a reasonable package of new nightlife rules which creates an advisory board, requires some nightlife businesses to develop security plans, and adds additional enforcement staffing for the city. This package can be viewed at http://www.seattle.gov/council/issues/nighlife_ord.htm.

However, a last minute push by Councilmembers Jan Drago and David Della has put the mayor's license proposal back on the table. The new proposal can be viewed here (http://seattlenma.org/downloads/prpsd_ntlf_lic_ord.pdf). This new license, combined with the new rules the committee has already passed, makes this new package as extreme – if not more – than what the mayor proposed. In addition, the council is working on a new noise ordinance
which has yet to be made public, but is expected to be voted on next Thursday, August 16. The council is now contemplating even more regulation than the Mayor proposed!

Here is what we need you to do:

  • Contact the members of the city council and tell them you support the package that the committee has approved and we don't need a license. They should just vote on what they have in front of them NOW and move on.
  • Please contact the City Council today! Councilmembers email addresses are listed below.
  • Attend the Monday, August 13th 2 PM City Council meeting and testify. You will have only two minutes, and they limit the total time allotted
    for public comment so sign up early!
  • Attend the Thursday, August 16th, 6 PM meeting of council's Neighborhoods and Economic Development Committee at the Highpoint Community Center – 6920 34th Ave SW. Testimony will be taken at the beginning of the meeting.
  • Forward this email to your friends and colleagues asking them to voice their support of nightlife in Seattle. Neighborhood activists and the Mayor have been pounding on City Councilmembers these last few months. Our voice needs to be heard! Contact the councilmembers today!

    Seattle City Council:
    Sally Clark - sally.clark@seattle.gov
    Richard Conlin - richard.conlin@seattle.gov
    David Della - david.della@seattle.gov
    Jan Drago - jan.drago@seattle.gov
    Jean Godden - jean.godden@seattle.gov
    Nick Licata - nick.licata@seattle.gov
    Richard McIver - richard.mciver@seattle.gov
    Tom Rasmussen - tom.rasmussen@seattle.gov
    Peter Steinbrueck - peter.steinbrueck@seattle.gov

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So Many Stories

So it has been almost exactly two weeks since I have last posted. I know that your lives have been bereft of meaning while waiting for the fix of sweet nothing that is this blog.

So much has happened, starting with a stupendous dinner at the tamarind tree. Between Yachi and I, we had the meat and seafood course. My favorite was probably the crunchy veal meatballs as appetizers. Hopefully they will find their way unto the menu. For those that have not tried this restaurant you should go there right now if in Seattle.

After that my friend Adam came into town and we hung out for a couple of days while I finally shipped the product I work on. After that a group of us went to Vancouver for the weekend.

The occasion was my bachelor party and I could not have asked for a better one. The one drawback was my own fault (The second mistake I have made this year, damn am I slipping). On the way up we decided to stop and gamble at Tullalip and it was there that I realized I had left my passport and birth certificate back in Seattle. This realization made me sad as you can see:

So after realizing this I made the responsible decision and went to Canada anyways. Adam came up with a decent way of solving the problem and I was able to get back into the country with the help of Divya and a locksmith.

Friday was a lot of fun with good food (that I did not really eat, damn stomach problems) and a great night that involved many bars and a story that is not publishable. All you got to do is ask me in person though and I guarantee I will spill the beans.

Saturday we made a great breakfast in our wonderful suites.

Given the surroundings I am amazed that the meal turned out as well as it did. We had an egg scramble, bacon and pancakes. The only difficulty was getting rid of the bacon grease in between batches of bacon. Someone had the great suggestion of pouring it down the toilet. This is the result of boiling bacon grease and the toilet:

I could not catch the steam that came off it. It was gross to say the least.

We spent the rest of the day playing ping pong and then had a phenomenal dinner at cru. The night was supposed to be spent at a club but those of us who decided to walk got a little lost and the night ended up being a meandering one around downtown Vancouver.

It was a great time and you can find more pictures of Shahaf's here.

For shipping I had the whole of last week off. I wish I had something terribly exciting to mention about that but it was very slow and relaxing. I watched some movies, finished the first 6 Harry Potter books and cleaned the house.

Last weekend was my birthday though and something exciting did happen on that day. We went to Wild Waves and I had my first day at a water park. It was a.w.e.s.o.m.e. Who new giant slides would be so much fun? A large-ish group of us left around noon and spent a couple hours there which as about the perfect amount of time. My personal favorite was the twisty all-enclosed slide. I highly recommend going if you can. Here are some pics that Ann took.

I think that is mostly caught up. Let me know if you like or dislike the new FoxyTunes sig.

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