Why don't you ring my doorbell?

My new nemesis

while waiting for the bus I had an epic duel with this pigeon. he feinted on way and I another. Always going for my delicious blueberry scone. After what seemed hours of his continued lunging and my continued half kicking at him, the bus arrived and I was able to beat a hasty retreat.

While this was going on there was an elder across the street yelling at all the denizens of the bus stop about ringing his doorbell. It made me love the Stewart bus stop all the more.

As a side note since I am wearing a jacket again, i am carrying my camera again and more likely to take random photos, such as the one below (and one could argue the one above).


Opening Salvo

The original posting that raised my ire (Click on the image to read the small print):

My amateurish (yet amazingly funny) response:

My photoshop skills are not ideal but good enough to get my point across. I decided to use impeach because I thought it a comfortable enough term for everyone. After all Clinton was impeached and Bush is about to be. Everyone should be familiar with it.

The next step is to post them all over. That might be a late night commando raid.


The Iran-Contra Scandal

Don't tell anyone but I am planning a coup. Not a big coup just a small condo association sized one. I have decided that the current board of something in my building is completely incompetent and the only way to deal with this incompetence is a (hopefully peaceful) violent uprising.

I am going to start tomorrow with flyers, everyone loves flyers. I just have to be careful and watch out for moles. Can't have someone loyal to the board coming to my meeting. I am trying to come up with some questions I can ask them to determine their loyalties but have been unable to think up any good ones. Let me know if you can think of any.

Alright I have to go plan some more for this but if you have any practical tips for revolution let me know.



Title says it all. Vote, vote , vote, vote , vote.

I can get apathetic too but you can get over it. Just like most Americans get over their fear of making an ass of themselves in public by wanting to be on reality TV.