Dressing Up For Going Out


A great article with even better pictures.  I got about 75% on the matching pictures of fans with stars gallery but that is cause I read the article first.


Feeling Like Holland


Back at the beginning of April a group of intrepid adventurer's decided to head North and see the famed tulip festival.  Unfortunately we picked a rather cold day where the flowers had not fully bloomed.  Above are the said adventurers imagining a field of flowers.

There were some fields however as evidenced by this woman completely ignoring the big "Don't go in the field" sign for this great photo.


There were some great flower names which I did not really expect for tulips like:


Perhaps the flowers are actually out and in bloom in that photo.  You can never see the ninja.

Another good one was:


The tulip that will beat your ass.

A little more expected was:


which unfortunately was all by itself.

There also was an angel sighting which always makes the day more fun:


And the cleanest water I have ever seen:


I will leave you with my personal favorite photo of the day:


For those that cannot get enough tulips there are a lot more photos here


Blue Sky Country


Man was last weekend beautiful.  Got a great chance to take advantage of the evening and around.


Dodgeball and basketball occurring at Cal. 


Saturday was spent showing a coworker around Seattle and playing badminton in the park. 

Sunday was my first bike ride in 13 years.

A great weekend with the sun burn to prove it.


Geotag Test

The geotag info did not show up in the previous post so trying again through Picasa.

Where's The Baby?

There were a couple of days some weeks back where I saw this stroller outside the house:


I then saw it later again in front of Hollywood.


All I wondered was where the baby was.

As a random side note these are my first geo-tagged photos. Thanks to Casey for explaining the process to me and thanks to Google for making it absurdly easy to do.

Hopefully it works.