Sightseeing Once Again

This time as a tour operator.  I am thinking of getting some hats made and will start carrying around a flag so everyone can follow me.

So back to China where we tried to pack in as much as we could into one day.  This is an outlier but like I said in 365 I really love the long exposure shots (This was the night before for dinner).


Were we did see the new version of New Edition.  i was disappointed that they decided to take out Bobby Brown:


We started the day off in a cab and managed to even get some seeing in from there, like the new CCTV building.  I would hate to sit in the section that hangs off the building having seen some Beijing construction up close:


Then we headed to the forbidden city and Marcelo decided to hook up a glamour shot:


We even got to see some ghosts with weird heads:


A woman in a tree:


And the new time-honored coffee shop that replaced the American-honored coffee shop (AKA Starbucks):


Overall a pretty successful tour day.


Heading To China

I have been meaning to post about my last China trip for a while and have some extra time today.

On the flight there I managed to keep myself busy watching a ridiculous amount of movies and whupping up on Marcelo in Reversi


I also got to sit in my very own row on the flight from Japan to China which was pretty cool.  Not as cool as the lay down all the way chairs but close:


They also had my favorite champagne on the plane so I managed to get through 7 of the baby bottles which made the flight so much more relaxed (At least until my head started to spin):


Next up, being a tour guide in China.


I Have Not Had Enough Snaps Of Random Trips Recently

So these photos are from about 1-2 years ago now and have been sitting in draft form in the Blogger cloud.

They are pics from when I went to Seoul that I thought were interesting for one reason or another.

This was shot on the train going to Seoul from the airport. The landscape looked surprisingly desert like.

This was from the hotel window and was our view of the city.

This was a canal through the city that the government just refurbished and made available to people again. It had been covered with concrete and inaccessible. It was pretty cool seeing so many people out at night enjoying the park atmosphere.

Same place just a little blurrier. I was actually trying to do something like this and was pretty happy with the results.

Same thought for some street traffic.

This was in the canal. I had to wait for 25 minutes for the light show to reset to different colors after I missed it the first time.

A floating cross.

Part of a show we watched.