What A Difference A Day Makes


Fuck Seattle Hipsters


And their unwillingness to dance.

Tonight I got the chance to see the Liars live and I am very happy about that.  I was going to be lazy and old and call Marques with some kind of made up story about how I could not go to the show.  Instead I decided to sack up and check the Liars out as I have heard a 7" of theirs but that is about it.

Very satisfied is how I would describe the show.  They managed to combine elements of the Stone Roses, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Trent Reznor and "Beaches and Canyons" era Black Dice into a mix that was uniquely their own.

Their drummer was a force of nature that went through at least three sets of drumsticks during the show.  He never played anything that was really crazy like Damon Che but damn was he solid and one of the better rock drummers I have heard in a while.

The rest of the band was pretty magnificent as well.  The guitarist captured a lot of attention early on because he looked as if he was producing the sound but due to the crazy deductive reasoning of Marques and myself we finally reckoned it was the bassist with the help of a foot pedal system who was making the ridiculous noise.

The show itself was amazing.  The energy peaked in the middle with a set that was good leading to the expected encore (When did that become expected by the way?).  They started off strong with the musicians described above providing ample playing room for everyone.

About half way through their set they played what might be the most amazing jam I have ever heard.  I have seen a lot of shows in my time but this was the most danceable cerebral music I have heard (This might apply to all their music).  I will buy their music bit by bit until I have something that roughfully approximates what I heard tonight.  It had elements of everything yo0u love plus those random things that you don't love but respect.

All in all a phenomenal show.  Peace and good night.


Giggle But True


Not sure why this makes me giggle quite so much but it really does.  Kind of rings true as well.


Detroit Represent


Brought to you by the mighty Fader.  These guys remind me of home so much I had to bring up the full screen to see if I recognized the musicians. 

The interview also made me hanker for a slightly less hipster area then Capitol Hill as the image of any of these guys riding a single speed bike in tight black pants makes me giggle a little.  Note, this is almost a complete non sequitur related to a long series of posts I was reading on reductionism in music criticism and can very safely be ignored.


Lazy Day?

My respect for those that work from home regularly (Jam glue, I am looking at you) has grown by an order of magnitude today.  I am about to go to bed in the clothes I woke up in.

That by itself would probably be enough to make me a little creeped out by my own laziness but I actually showered and put the same clothes back on.  Also I have not gone outside for over 24 hours now.  I did get a lot of work done though :).


Baby == Nominee VIP Pass


This was a pretty good idea from someone who both had a baby at the right time and lived in the right state.

It is interesting to see the difference in how the candidates look with the baby.


Underwear Gnomes

Have invaded my neighborhood.  First I saw socks hanging from a tree and not one or unmatched socks but a pair.  Today I say matching underwear hanging from a home sale sign down the street.

I will try to capture some snaps of it tomorrow and update this post but the gnomes might have already taken their booty to wherever they take it to.

Update:  No matter how I searched I was unable to actually find the underwear.  Apparently the gnomes have taken it to where they only know.

I did still find the socks as they must be less of a prize:



Want To Go Back To 1993?

or 2001 or any year between 1986-2003?  You can now do it.  At least if you commemorated your life through tapes as I did.  One of the best presents I got for christmas was the Plusdeck PC cassette player.

This beautiful device has allowed me to record all of my old tapes to wave format to be later ripped to mp3 for iPod delight.  I have been continuously amazed at how easy this whole process is and have gotten through around 24 tapes in about a week.  Only 20 more to go.

Every day has me going nuts over the most recent tape to be transferred.  It is crazy to me how much of my life I have associated with music and how this particular part was relatively inaccessible since I got rid of a stereo.

My favorites so far have been the mixtapes mostly.  Both the kind you make to impress someone you wanted to date and the kind that you make to drop off at clubs and try to have them book you.  I have run across a ton of things that were only captured to these tiny analog reels and am pretty excited about having them back.

Next time you want to convert a tape let me know as I have it down to a science now.   Also if you want to jump in a quick time warp you should swing on by and check out my Primus / Naughty by Nature mixtape.