Maybe I Will Have A Budweiser

Not sure why this amused me so much but thought I would share.  Keep your fingers crossed for the next week that craziness does not happen.

Also VOTE!

Forgot that I was going to try to add a pic a post so drinking on the couch:



The Luster Wears Thin

On business travel.  Of course my last trip was to Fargo and this one is to Ames, Iowa so perhaps not the best sample.  For dinner my choice is either Subway or El Azteca "authentic" Mexican.  I might just coast off the cheese steak I had for lunch.  The one randomly exciting thing about being here is that I came here for a competition in high school and that is actually bringing back some fun memories.  After interviewing tomorrow I might just wander around and see if I can remember any of the buildings.

Last random thought:  Stringing together the same movie on TNT is awesome.  I caught the last five minutes of Old School and now I get to watch it all, sweet.

I am also stealing an idea from Casey and trying to post at least one pic per post:

Wedding Massacre from Adam's wedding this summer



Being On Both Lists



I think this is a good thing.  It was weird that they both came in the mail on the same day though.

Possibly my new hero.  It is good to see someone being somewhat honest about their motivations and also having the self-realization to pull back and relax.

On the opposite side of that coin were the two women sitting near me on the bus yesterday who had just been laid off.  What seemed weird was their department had not been told.  Their manager just came in and was like do you have any concerns or questions? and they said about what? and he was like ummm... being let go?.  Pretty awful way to lose your job.  I have the feeling that the world is going to get a little bit worse before it gets better.  Hopefully it does not directly impact any friends or family in a negative way (unless they have been looking for an excuse to move jobs :)).


Back Like The Beat In Belly

Possibly the best movie intro ever almost entirely based on the beat coming in as the guy falls out the window.

I imagine this is going into the ether as it has been forever since I posted and a ton of crazy shit has happened in my life. I think that is why I have been avoiding posting as some of it still feels a little raw and some of it would just take too long to explain. Maybe at a later date. Anyways enjoy the saturated masterpiece that is Hype Williams and I will try to make this more consistent.