The Big Guns

I thought tonight would be a good time to bring out the big guns, i.e., the mask photos.

Although the questions these photos will bring up might break up happy relationships and cause people to see the world in an entirely different light I had a morale duty to share them with the world. Questions such as:

- Where do I get one?
- How come I don't look that sexy in a Mexican Wrestler mask?
- Who is that hunk of burning love in the mask and where do I get me one of those?


Representing the D

Getting some feline love

Chilling with the homies (Corey Hart?)


Puzzle pieces missing a puzzle

Continuing the last summer string, here are some random shots that were taken over the course of last summer that did not fit with anything else.

Here is a seagull that has the light of god shining right down on his beaked head.

Eileen in her favorite box.

My friend Sanjiv using the PC with Jjang helping him out.

How I setup the engagement ring for when I asked Yachi to spend the rest of her life with the best catch in Seattle.

Marques and I on en route to winning the pub race. Here we were at Linda's where on our way out we overheard the manager telling the bartender that she "definitely should not have served us"

More people passed out in public places. This guy was on Eagle with the Pride parade going on about a block away.

This was in front of our old apartment on a random summer night


Laser graffitti

Just what the title says. Some of what they get up is pretty funny (ATF anyone?)


I am wondering how they do this. They probably explain in the writing but who reads writing anymore. Not me.


Shenanagans, what kind? Wedding Shenanagans

Continuing the throwback to last year tradition here are some pics from Brian's wedding which took place in St. Louis.

Which loves the US:

And lets you carry a gun everywhere they don't have one of these signs:

The whole weekend was a lot of fun and I can only hope that my wedding carries on in this fine tradition.

We all started out the wedding looking so nice:

But it went down hill so quickly:

One of the greatest shenanagans occurred in the middle of dinner and led to many cameras being confiscated and pictures deleted. Little did Woo-Jin know that you can recover deleted pics:

Brian ended the reception by getting up on stage and playing for a while which was great to see. It reminded me of the first house party I saw Hoover Conquest play at:

After such a shenanagan filled night you know it had to end with someone passing out in a random uncomfortable place:

And maybe another:


Hitting the links

I recently came upon an old stash of photos that I had been meaning to post and never really done so. So this is the beginning of many throwback posts to something that probably happened last year.

This particular one is dedicated to SUG. This was a fun way to spend a Saturday. the idea was to drink at a bar and hit a foam ball to the next one while acting one level below hooligan. These pics are a combo of both the events from last year.

Here is one of everyone from the first one:

The woman on the right in this picture had come for a family members funeral a month before and decided to live in Seattle because she was having a blast. I think she also stopped talking to her family for some reason that is lost in the hazy reaches of memory:

This was a very serious man in black with a cross. He watched the proceedings with much gravitas for a while.

The sky view of proceedings:

There was a group walking around assimilating random people, where random in our group was Iris and me:

Matt was injured while celebrating the end of the first session:

Angry Chris:

Pastel Chris:


Finely sculpted fun

My moms is in town and has been here a couple of times so the tourist possibilities were getting leaner. Thankfully SAM opened up a new sculpture park so we decided to wander down and see it. Due to the fact that it was beautiful yesterday half of Seattle joined us but it made it more enjoyable. It was nice to see so many people out enjoying the park.

Included in half of Seattle were Marques and Ann who met us up at the park. Here is the obligatory photo of all involved (I like that Marques and Yachi match like a pair of Dutch football fans):

Here is my moms examining the Eaglet. There was another picture of her taken .5 seconds after that if you go back and forth between really quickly make it look like the is dancing with the woman behind her. Unfortunately I could not figure out how to animate this so you only get the still photo. Use you imagination.

Following are random photos that are poor representations of the real works. If you live in Seattle I highly recommend heading down to the park and checking them out.


Merry Valentine's Day

I hope everyone enjoyed this most wonderful of Hallmark holidays whether with themselves or with someone else.

I enjoyed myself most thoroughly with Yachi and Sara. While they shopped I made some food with a significant amount of help from my father. I made salmon on tomatoes with a balsamic vinegarette and Brazilian style rice. The results where pretty good for someone who cooks once a year. The rice was a little oily but otherwise everything turned out well.

Here are some pictures:


All in the family

Here is a picture of how my little sister handles washing and drying the dishes:

I think the OC disorder runs in the family.


Who doesn't love legos?

Not me that's for sure (saying that makes me want to follow it up with golly gee).

Especially when they are breakdancing.


Measurements of an effort


The lower plug in this outlet is controlled by a wall switch. After everyone told me I would electrocute myself, haters.


Anything plugged into the top plug now turns off all outlets in the room.

Fortuitous Circumstances

I got lucky Friday night in seeing DJ Babu. I started the night off waiting in various lines forever. After rapidly tiring of that I saw Ryan and Ella and went with them to Rosebud where Eric showed up and we got nice before waffling on heading back to the War Room to try to catch the show. I finally got my way and we walked in right as Babu came on.

He started off playing a lot of funk and rare groove with a set that was a little too close to Q-Berts on Demolition Pumpkin Squeeze but still fun to dance to. As he moved into more recent territory, Ann, Chris, Teresa, and Elaine disappeared. That left Eric to bear the brunt of my excited punches to the shoulder as Babu dropped the crazy shit. What night could be bad when you get to hear both Liquid Swords and the Ten Crack Commandments? Overall a great show and one that turned out to be a lot of fun even though the night started off not so well