So I am running a little late in terms of posting pics.  Although after the next post I might have rewritten what late means

In December, Chris, Marques, Tim & I dressed as Santa and went drinking with a bunch of other Santas in the Wallingford / University District area.  It ended up being a great day and a lot more fun than I was expecting.

Here is us meeting up to jam into Yachi's car which is not built for men of such size (at least all at the same time).


Here is the group after one bar.  Like I said there were a lot of Santas.


Marques on the merry-go-round


The second bar where I caught Santa being naughty.


The third bar where we arrived early and got a prime seat for the festivities and drinks.


Still the third bar as we were there for the majority of the time.


Tim having been caught being naughty (If you want to see those photos you can ask me in person)


Marquis showing his compassionate side and feeding me a corn dog.


There were many bars after this but the photos just don't do the time justice.


More Lynchian Wisdom


Courtesy of my sister Ting.


Have I Mentioned How Much I Love David Lynch?



How could you not?


What A Sexy Belly


I wish mine was that sexy.  Taken by Chris at Tim's birthday party after getting beat many times over by the undisputed master of flippy cup.


365 Is Back Like The Jesus

And not even the baby Jesus, the fully grown Jesus.

Thanks to the lost and found at King County metro I have my camera back.  It was a pretty painless process once I called and told them some identifying info about the camera.

The only creepy thing is that the guy behind the counter instantly recognized me "from the pictures".  When I looked at the camera here is what he had been gazing at:


One of my better photos by far.  Note the heat saving shorts that allow you to loose weight incredibly fast (bought for $2.99 at Tuesday Mornings)

Anyways the feed is back up and today's picture is posted.


365 Ist Tot

I know it was no where near 365 days but apparently my camera was not at work nor was it at the restaurant I ate nor the car.  I think you get the picture, I have lost yet another camera and am looking for recommendations about good ones people have.


365 Started

I took a pic yesterday and then forgot my camera are work with the picture still on it.  for the last two days I have used my camera.

This is the last you will see of the project on this blog as I have decided to just use a Picasa album to host all the snaps.  It will save you all from having to see my grotesque face. 

I added the Picasa feed to my FeedSalon feed but if you just want the pictures they are available here.


Project 365

I have been hearing / reading a lot about 365 projects where the goal is to take a picture of something everyday of the year.  First I heard about it in Tyler's blog and then read a lot about it in DPS.

It has made me interested enough that I think I might give it a shot.  At first I was thinking about trying for some sort of theme (Self-portrait, portrait, music lyrics, landscape, ...) but think I am just going to try to do it and see if any pattern emerges.

I am looking for a partner or two to keep me motivated to do it so let me know if you are interested.  I will probably start this Friday.



Done with 'em. 8 hours of my life figuring out thing that would ordinarily make no difference to me.

My eyes and head hurt something vicious. Does anyone know of a country with no tax? (Besides the US for the ultra-rich, ohhh, zing).

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