Reuter's Best Of 2007

At least in photos, here.

There are some really amazing photos in here.  It covers all sorts of types of photos.  Heads up though that there are some graphic (In the news from a war zone sense as opposed to the skinemax sense) photos in the collection.


In Case You Want Your Kid To Be A Lumberjack


You could get them this awesome chainsaw.  They might also turn out to be like Dexter so there would be that balance.


It's A Shrine Really

P1040208 Primarily dedicated to me.  It is cause I am the favored child (which I must bask in now until my niece / nephew is born and I am usurped by the youth).


Does This Make Me "A Bad Person"?


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Fancy New Feeds

Try out my new RSS feed at Feed Salon

Casey has decided to create a new service that aggregates multiple feeds into one single one which I think is a pretty awesome idea and service.  It is open to anyone at this point so I expect to see all my favorite blogs exposing a feed salon feed soon.  If not expect much random harassment (consider yourselves warned).

I do not have many feeds (and am feeling kind of inferior about that) so right now it is just my blog but I am going to go out and acquire feeds like a mad man and add them.


Weather Of Biblical Proportions

For whatever reason (*cough* climate change caused by the human race *cough*) the weather in Seattle recently has reminded me of the stellar movie staring Hilary Swank, "The Reaping".

Last Saturday as I was getting ready to go shoot baskets with Tim I looked at the window and saw this:


After making fun of the neighbors trying to take pictures of the snow I decided to try to subject you my loyal reader(s?) to my own attempts (Much more successful as you can see)


Yachi and I of course decided to do the smart thing and wander around outside and head downtown.  I put on my full capilene long underwear, multiple layers and boots.  The snow was heavy and wet:


And by the time we got downtown it had mostly melted and I was overheated to the point of heat exhaustion.

Yachi soon tired of my slow pace and constant whinging:


In contrast I have been wearing a short sleeved shirt to work for the last three days and it hit 57 yesterday.  I am telling you, in the words of Lewis Black, the next storm coming will involve frogs.