Wu-Tang is for the children

Here is a video of ODB claiming (rightly) that Wu-Tang deserved the grammy and not Puffy. The thought of it made me laugh this morning so I needed to see it and apparently share it.


Belated Turkey Day Pics

For Thanksgiving I visited my moms and family in Dallas. It was a lot of fun. Much eating and hanging out and a little too much of a TLC show called Fashion disasters or some such. Since my mind is getting hazy on this I will keep the commentary on the pictures to a minimum.

Here are some pictures from the window of her place. My favorite is the nighttime one even though you can kind of see the camera reflected in the window:

Here is the fam,

Hanging out at the breakfast place they always go to with what might possible be the most chipper and energetic waitress I have ever encountered (She was not captured in the picture :() Such a smiley bunch is what you are probably saying to yourself right now:

On Thanksgiving, and note you can see my mother cooking a meal which turned out to be kick ass. This is something of a record because my mom is pretty ADD when it comes to cooking. She gets bored with it and things tend to burn. Now you know why I love the crispy things.

Here is the rest of the panorama:

Here are the furry members of the family having a remarkably hard day which is one in the long string of their hard life:

Here is why I am still jealous of my mom's place. All of these are taken in her building which is predominantly galleries on the main floor and contains lots of interesting little spaces tucked through it:

This is a picture of me trying on some of my hot gear from high school. I am waiting for the opportune moment to pull it out in Seattle:

This is a painting on a highway overpass that basically makes a big blue circle when viewed from the right distance. Fun public art:


Which coast is this?

The snow continues. I heard that Lansing is 60 and rainy. I think I am liking the snow more than the rain actually. I get to stay home more and snow is just more fun in general.

It does wreak havoc on the traffic though. Here are a couple of pictures from my bus stop:

Two buses lined up both not taking passengers and stuck on the side of the road.

Two more buses in the other direction stuck on the road and going pretty much nowhere.

My nemesis at the other bus stop, mocking me by denying my existence and only showing me his back.

Random pictures I have from a couple of nights ago when there was another snow storm:


Gmail gets saucy

While looking at my father's guest list for my pending wedding, I realized that Gmail was trying to tell me something.

The best AdSense association ever:


Crying on the inside

Stupid 42 degree weather and even stupider me for not bringing something to cover myself with in the cold weather and even colder rain. The only thing that could have made the trip back from work worse would be to miss a bus.

Fortunately I missed two busses at the same time and somehow caused the universe to collapse in on itself as it laughed at the funniest thing ever. How does one miss two busses? I think it was Sound Transit playing some kind of sick joke but that might be little ol' biased me. I got to the bus stop in time to see two of the same bus pulling away without me on them and with the wind picking up.

I miss snow. At least that would have been kind of amusing.


Your promised fun


i love that he was an electrician

Logistics, Part 2

Alright so I have decided to keep Blogger for the time being (Mostly due to laziness) but I have changed the RSS / ATOM feeds to Feedburner There is a handy new button on the side bar that will allow you to update your subscription to that feed.

I am having some trouble seeing the FeedBurner feed through Bloglines but I think that is mostly a time delay thing. Let me know if you have that trouble and I will look into it more.

Next post will be fun, I promise.


Logistics, Part 1

As Blogger2 came out of Beta recently I decided to update to the new version before being forced. Unfortunately it changed the rss / atom feed so if you have a news aggregator you will no longer see any of my posts.

This continues my frustration with Google to the point where I am looking at alternatives to Blogger so I do not have to go through this anymore. I will keep you posted (by letting you know if things will change before they do hopefully).

UPDATE: I realize that the above might make absolutely no sense to some people. If so ignore it as it should not effect you.