A Little Halloween Action

We got ready at our place in order to get ready for the social event of the season, better know as Marques' Halloween party.  Ryan was a ghostbuster, Ella a pumpkin and Yachi a bat.

They had all prepared their costumes much earlier but as it was a busy week for me and I did not even start thinking about a costume till the night before mine was a little more haphazard.


I decided to go with the skin approach and be a mermaid.  The thing I am most proud of was the real life previously live Dungeness crab that protected the world from the mayhem of having my junk exposed.


Once we got to the jam Marques was no where to be found but there were imposters hanging out.


After some waiting around the man of the hour showed up in his price tag costume.  The night proved to be a blast with me finally achieving my revenge for the marshmallow fiasco of years past.


Shahaf and Pnina decided to go as Adam and Eve and were trying to seduce everyone to evil with their selection of apples.


More pics here




I am not sure it is?


Kill The Pig, Cut It's Throat, Spill It's Blood

Apparently right now Seattle has reverted to a primal state similar to everyone's favorite 8th grade novel. The electricity is out in wide swathes of the city and the bridges into the city are closing sometime soon.

Here wrapped in the isolating cocoon of work with its very own electricity generation system (Also know as the Redmond / Bellevue grid but we pay more so we get all the juice over the plebs) it is difficult to tell anything is wrong. I am looking forward to the 97 minute drive home.


Finally Some Wedding Photos

It took a little while but here are all the collections of photos I am aware of right now. I will continue to update this as I find more online ones to see.





Carmen's (The photographer)




Defeat (Almost)

Beacon Hill came close to defeating me today. This neighborhood is remarkably hard to get out of once you accidentally get in there. I was driving to the goodwill to donate some things and found myself heading in to Beacon Hill instead of where I wanted to go. I foolishly thought I could relatively easily make my way back down to the goodwill. How wrong I was.

30 minutes later I finally found my way out but it was after taking far too many lefts and heading back in the way I came for a while. It appears that the neighborhood was specifically designed to make it impossible to get out of. Every street leads you to a dead end or back to where you came from.

After finally making it out I was near the Rainer street taco truck so I had a celebratory set of tacos. They were awesome as usual.



In the Capitol hill neighborhood there are a bunch of new developments going in. Sometimes this causes a little tension between those that were here and those that want to be here. The most amusing thing to me is the cry that everyone around here makes about density being the way forward in city planning. Now that more high occupancy places are going up the cry is turning into density in every place but here. There are some valid points about new construction being something that fits into the overall aesthetic and integrating places that gave the neighborhood it feel into the new places. This naivete about neighborhoods changing without changing is a little grating though. At least one funny thing came out of this though:

This was located at outside the windows of a new build which has a Quiznos in the first floor.


I Want To Be A Shadow Hawk

I am not even sure what one is but if I don't have to deal with pigeons sign me up.

As an additional note this is why I love walking. You would never see this from a car.



This is the best example I have seen in a while of why I am not a model. My face is not what you would call photogenic. My sex appeal is purely in person (As opposed to Luke who exudes photogenicness, bastard).

The best thing about this photo is that it was before I started drinking. I cannot even imagine what the rest of the night looks like.

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Normalcy Slowly Returns

After the hustle and bustle of the wedding, things are finally settling back into a normal pace and feel. I will post about the wedding soon I am just waiting on a couple more photo posts to come in.

This past weekend was the first in which Yachi and I did not have to do wedding stuff or attend another wedding. We went to dinner at Veil which turned out to be surprisingly good and then I met up with Shahaf and Neville and Tyler and Sarah whom have just returned from a round the world trip. On Saturday I ate some pizza and watched the entire Planet Earth series and Blades of Glory. Sunday found me eating more pizza and playing a little bit of poker. Overall a most rewarding lazy weekend.